Note: The legally binding version of this power of attorney is the Spanish version.

The English version is a translation provided for your information only.


In the city of Clinton, England on the 12rd day of August 2011.


Mr. David Naylor

Notary Public, living and working in the said city an empowered to authorise Public Deeds,


Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Bray , adult, with address in 39, Meadow Road, Lancarie LS24 SNP England, of British Nationality, bearer of passport number 4614512553.

I confirmed her identity from her said passport which she showed me, which I inspected and returned to her and from her statements I certify that


in her own right and on her own behalve.


That she confers as full and extensive a power as the law requires in favour of

D.Alonso Manrique Pretchow, adult, tax assessor, with business address as Calle del Mal, Residencial Fatal, 78987 Ciudad Real, of Spanish nationality, holder of NIF 10.045.477H is only granted the facility of applying for the NIE number.

Emilio Prado Morella, adult, lawyer, with business address Calle Nicolás Santorin Pelamuca, number 3, 45644 Teruel, of Spanish nationality , bearer of NIF 14506471-I

so that the appointess may jointly or separately in the name of the Grantor exercise the following.



Buy property in Spain

To buy from such person or persons and at such a price and on such terms as he thinks convenient all types of real or personal property situated in Spain or rights or interests therein.

To pay the price either in one payment or by instalments.

To give effect where necessary to the consolidation or separation of titles and to declarations of new works.

To sign or execute public and private documents and any agreement of condition which the appointee may deem fit.

To pay taxes and fees.

To seek the registration of real property in the Land Registry.

To seek and give effect to the transfer of funds to or from other countries.

To sign and conduct correspondence by post, phone or telegraph; to receive letters, certified documents, packets, giros and telegrams and declared valuables from post offices; to receive from rail, air and sea transportation companies and from general transport companies, customs, docks, airports and agencies, things sent, to complete claims documents and to sign all types of receipts and guarantees.

To receive payments from the State, Regional and Provincial governments, Municipalities or any of their departments, especially those relating to repayment of taxes, signing for this purpose whatever documents may be necessary or convenient.

Fully represent before all private and public companies, suppliers of water, electricity and telephone, public organisations including the Town Hall, in order to request and subscribe to the appropriate supply contracts, request the registration of new titles and in general all that is necessary for the proper and normal use of the properties being acquired.

Mortgages, etc.

To enter into suc securities, including mortgages or those of a personal character as may be necessary or convenient.

Take over the existing mortgage

Fiscal Representative

To act as or appoint a fiscal representative.

To deal with the Spanish Tax Authorities and to deal with any resulting matters.

To receive, from the Tax Office any transfers of money by way of repayment on behalf of the above mentioned clients.

To lodge complaints, to waive petitions and renounce rights on behalf of the grantor.

To lodge documents or information, receive and attend to the requirements and correspondence that arise, and also deal with questions of law and more specialized enquiries.

To present and endorse declarations on behalf of the above mentioned.

To appear before the relevant Economic Administrative Tribunals; carry out the obligations of the those stated before such authority, issue proceedings and writs, produce evidence and request enquiries to be made, appear in the relevant proceedings, institute and follow up any appeals until their completion, and generally to take all such steps as should be deemed necessary.

The powers above will remain in force until their cancellation is communicated to the tax office in proper form. Surrender of powers by the attorney should be similarly notified. In either event, work already carried out shall be regarded as valid.

Apply for NIE

To apply for a foreigner´s fiscal identity number.

To operate with banks

To operate with deposit banks, banks including the Bank of Spain and other official banks and other similar institutions, dealing with the goods in these for whatever purpose.

To draw, accept, endorse, make out, pay, intervene in and to protest bills of exchange, cheques and other things.

To sign bills, cheques and transfer orders.

To check and approve bank statements.

To receive payment of personal cheques.

To open, use, close and liquidate deposit accounts, current accounts and credit accounts, with personal guarantee or of value.

To arrange as either party to a transaction commercial loans.

To create, accept, pay off, modify or cancel securities and give guarantees of any type at all in favour of third parties, the tax authorities and all types of courts and Tribunals and departments of the State, provinces, municipalities and others.

To pay and receive money by way of loan, with or without interest and with or without personal guarantees, guarantees of value or any other kind.

To make, transfer, modify, cancel or withdraw deposits of cash, valuables or other goods.

To buy, to sell, exchange, to pawn or to negotiate things and valuables.

To pay interest, dividends and amortizations.

To rent strong boxes.

To do, in general, anything permitted by banking Law and practice.


To contract with him/herself.


To substitute this Power, in whole or in part, and to revoke such substitution.


To carry out any other acts as may be necessary for the better performance of this power and for all of the above purpose to sign and execute all necessary public and private documents and including therein clauses of all types without limitation.

To apply for copies of this Power.


the Grantor and after I have read to her a translation into English of this power of attorney she confirms its contents and signs it before me as to all of which I certify, as I also certify that in the execution of this document the appropriate requirements of the place of execution have been complied with. I also certify that in my judgement the Grantor hast sufficient legal capactiy for the execution of this Power.

Signed by the Grantor before me the attesting Notary.



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